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We have designed a unique experience that offers the ultimate health and wellness retreat. Set in the idyllic Peak District National Park, our luxury boutique accommodation provides the perfect sanctuary to escape the pressures of life and take essential time to rest, recalibrate and recharge.


Unlike other retreats we provide a personalised  service to cater for the needs of our guests. By combining therapeutic and holistic practices we craft soul nourishing retreats to provide the space to reconnect with self, explore core values, eat fabulous food and change the rhythm of life. Whether you are looking for a therapeutic space to heal or high tempo health optimisation we will create your perfect plan.


Our unique retreat experiences are available for people 18 years and older. 


Our clients will come to us for a variety of reasons that may include:


  • Burnout, exhaustion or stress

  • Divorce / separation

  • Succession planning

  • Low mood and self worth

  • Spiritual exploration

  • Health and wellness optimisation

  • Bereavement

  • Empty nest syndrome

  • Addictions


We can bring in advanced biofeedback and wearable technology to assess and aid sleep, look at your DNA, assess your gut health and nutrition, neuro sculpting fused with traditional models such as yoga, meditation, breathworks and good old fashioned outdoor activities you will leave feeling invigorated and empowered to make the future count.


Our multi guest retreats are designed to bring together couples,  small groups of friends or families that are looking to do something different to the traditional retreat or holiday. Our retreats are designed to provide a special experience that will bring a family closer together or help a group of friends bond on a higher level. 


Designed in advance of your stay to help you meet you goals and objectives we will help you create something very different that will leave you reinvigorated, relaxed and recharged. Every detail is meticulously planned to incorporate the right balance of activities to deliver the perfect experience. 

  • Group therapy (optional)

  • Yoga and Breathworks

  • Chef prepared meals

  • Outdoor experiences

  • Fitness and exercise

  • Therapeutic activities


Our multi guest retreats are designed for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people.  


Starting from £799.00 per person for 2 days. 



Power up your people - Change the routine with engaging retreats, away days, board meetings


Whether it is a board meeting with a wellness twist, family business summit, an away day for the executives or a week-long wellness retreat to supercharge the sales team we will create a tailored solution to meet your needs, culture and industry.


Incorporating wellness lectures, chef prepared nutritional food, outdoor activities and wellbeing assessments we will develop an invigorating experience to capture the hearts and minds of your team.


Our retreats can be created for between 2-15 people and includes luxury accommodation for overnight stays.


Starting from £899 per person for two days.



This programme is for those wishing to unleash their full potential and create a competitive edge for next level performance. This hyper personalised performance programme delves deep into your DNA and physiological make up to create a unique blueprint so you can work towards optimising your performance and improve your health and longevity. Incorporating several of the health assessments you will also receive some very special treatments that will help you to hack your internal systems and transition into a new way of living. You will be provided with your own personal coach to guide you through the process and take you on a journey of self discovery.




Understanding the challenges and pressures that life experiences can have on our mental, emotional and physical health is our speciality. We believe that we have designed a life enhancing experience where our guests can re connect with themselves, encounter a new way of living and develop new techniques to optimise their health and wellness.


Each retreat experience is designed to meet the guests specific wishes, needs, capabilities, vision and goals and objectives. Every detail is meticulously planned in advance of your stay and is developed as your wellness journey unfolds to dynamically meet your physical, biological, psychological and spiritual needs.


  • Therapy

  • Yoga and Breathworks

  • Food and nutrition

  • Outdoor experiences

  • Fitness and exercise

  • Medical Services


Our personal retreats can cater for individuals and can provide medical services. 


Starting from £799.00 per person per night with medical services and £599.00 or night for non medical services. 

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