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Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is imperative, particularly with the demands that life throws at us. Our lifestyle concierge services offers a personalised approach to helping our clients optimise their health and performance whilst overcoming personal challenges in life or business. Our quest is simply to help you become the best version of yourself by sourcing the worlds elite in lifestyle health. We have developed a black book of eminent coaches, therapists, retreats and clinics  offering everything from cellular regeneration to transformation coaching. If you want to move to the next level we are here to get you started.

Health optimisation

Health regeneration






Gut and functional health 


DNA testing


Business / Life Coaching


Psychological Therapy


Fitness and health coaching

(Yoga / Personal trainers / Meditation)


Nutritional Coaching


Biofeedback and wearable technology


Health retreats


Offering a one-to-one service to support your journey we provide you with an appropriately matched and therapeutically trained professionals to deliver a personalised programme. This service is fully customisable to meet your exact needs and can include family, work and community integration to ensure a safe and sustainable programme. This can be delivered on an hourly, daily or 24/7 live in basis.

Whether you are looking to train for a marathon, optimise your boardroom performance, reduce alcohol consumption or lose weight we are here to guide you step by step through the process and find a personalised solution just for you.



Preventing potential illness and learning to optimise our health is an essential piece of the longevity jigsaw. Understanding our biochemistry, metabolism and vital organs can help to improve overall health plan and avoid future illness. We have access to a range of physical health and functional health experts and clinics that can provide a wide range of health assessments, genetic testing, scans and diagnosis screening.


Taking time out is not something that comes naturally to most people. However, If we don’t take care of ourselves we are likely to experience burnout and fatigue which may lead to more serious illness. Our retreat concierge service will help you find the perfect space to recalibrate and optimise your wellness. We have access to the world's most exclusive retreats and clinics that offer everything from spiritual experiences in Bali to cellular regeneration in London.



Understanding our DNA and genetic structure is a game changer in how we live our lives. From developing personalised nutrition and exercise planning through to hereditary cancer testing and precision prescribing for medications we can organise testing to be completed. Some tests can be delivered and completed in your home whilst others may require medical consultation. For full information please contact our concierge team at:


The wearing of health devices is becoming part of our everyday attire. With applications on mobile devices, heart monitors and fitness trackers available in many shapes and forms we are collecting large amounts of personal health data. We are gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions of our body with the intention of manipulating the body’s system to improve performance and wellbeing. The problem is many people don’t know how to interpret the data. For a physiological assessment and guidance on how to use your data we will organise a consultation with an expert.



We offer ad-hoc and membership service.

Whatever you decide, a professional experience awaits you.


A full price list and details of our membership programme are available on request.  Members will receive several benefits including a dedicated account director, discounted rates on assessments, health clinics and other lifestyle services as well as receiving monthly news on the latest health innovation in technology and health hacks to improve and optimise health.

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